Saturday, November 11, 2006

A Birthday Blow Job for Daddy

by Tattletale

I gave up on birthday parties after
my thirtieth, but my wife Joan and my daughter Karen insisted on celebrating my
thirty-eighth with cake and ice cream. I blew out the candles with one long puff
and then Joan carved out three wedges. After we finished off our sugary treat,
my pretty wife wished me a happy birthday and handed me a gift-wrapped package.
She had thoughtfully bought me a best-selling book that I had been planning to
read. "I'll give you my present later, Dad," Karen said. When mother and
daughter shared a giggle, I knew that they had cooked something up. My beautiful
daughter had come home from a prestigious university just for my birthday. It
was costing me a fortune to keep her in the pricey school, but I thought of it
as an investment that would someday pay dividends. I sometimes wondered why I
even bothered paying for a higher education when she could have earned far more
than most people as a model, actress, stripper, or - God forbid - a hooker. Her
angelic face was framed by curly brown hair. She had a million-dollar smile,
and, believe me, it had cost me nearly that much. Regular visits to a tanning
salon accounted for her perfect tan. Later that evening, I was watching TV when
Joan planted her sweet ass on my lap. That's her way of saying it is time for
sex, and she always gives me something special on my birthdays. I always ask for
ass and she always serves it up, even though she doesn't particularly enjoy
being sodomized. "Why don't you get cleaned up and we'll have some fun," she
whispered. I took a hot, soapy shower, shaved and brushed my teeth. I jacked my
cock to perfect my hard-on, slapped on a little aftershave, opened the door to
the bedroom, and got the shock of a lifetime. My beautiful daughter was
stretched out naked on the bed with a big pink bow tied around her slender
waist. You could have knocked me over with a feather! Joan was sitting next to
the bed wearing only a short, terrycloth robe. Both of my beauties had big
smiles on their faces. As I stood there ogling my saucy daughter, my cock
lurched all the way to my belly. Her tits were absolutely perfect - not big, but
very nice. I was pleased to see a full bush on her pussy. I approve of women
using a razor to keep the shrubbery from growing wild, but strongly disapprove
of them shaving it all off. A cunt should be covered with hair the way nature
intended. "What's going on?" I asked. I know it was a dumb thing to say but I
couldn't think of anything else. "Daddy, I wanted to thank you for all that you
have done for me by giving you a really nice present. I decided to give you my
body. It was really Mom's idea. I'm sorry I'm not a virgin for you, but I've
only been with one guy so I'm close to being one." "I'm not sure I can accept
your present. After all, you are my own daughter," I said. "Oh, don't be silly,"
Joan said. "Look at her. Look how beautiful she is. I'm sure that you have
fucked her in your fantasies many times. Now get over here and do what you've
been wanting to do for years." My cock was harder than it had been in months and
I was masturbating it in full view of my young daughter. "Well, if you aren't
going to take advantage of the situation, I will," Joan said. She stood and
shrugged off her robe then slipped onto the bed and kissed her daughter on the
mouth. The kisses were innocent at first but that soon changed, and they began
kissing passionately and fondling each other's beautiful tits. It just kept
getting better and better. "How long has this been going on?" I asked. "We
played around the last time she was home," Joan said. "Yeah, Daddy. I made it
with a girlfriend and I wanted Mom to see how good it feels. But don't worry, I
like men, too." I shamelessly stroked my cock as Joan sucked her daughters
beautiful tits. She untied the ribbon and ran her hand down over the golden
belly to the furry mound. Karen moaned as her mother ground the heel of her hand
into her mons. I crossed my fingers and hoped that Joan wouldn't stop at Karen's
tits. My wish was granted. She lapped at her daughter's pelt the way a cat
grooms her kittens. Joan continued fondling Karen's breasts as she fucked her
pussy with her long tongue. Most of her effort went into working her tongue
around inside Karen's fuck-hole, but she stopped occasionally and lavished
attention on every inch of that pussy. "Come and get this hair off of my
tongue," Joan said. "I can't find it." I sat on the bed and examined her
extended tongue. Even as I was reaching for the hair I couldn't believe what I
was doing. I was picking one of my daughter's pussy-hairs off of my wife's
tongue! Freed of the pesky hair, Joan went right back to work on Karen's pussy.
I could not stay out of it any longer. I came to my knees beside my daughter's
head and aimed my hard cock at her lovely face. She smiled when she realized
what I wanted. Her mouth was warm and very wet. She sucked most of my cock in,
drew a vacuum, and then pulled slowly off. The vacuum caused her cheeks to cave
in around my cock. The soft linings of her mouth gripped me tighter the closer
her lips came to the head. At the end of that first suck I realized that I was
in for an unprecedented struggle to control my inevitable orgasm. It didn't help
that I was now fondling her precious titties. My hand was drawn to them like
iron to a magnet. Karen's moans were the icing on the cake. They made every
nerve in the head and neck of my cock tingle. She had her hand on the back of
her mother's head and was humping her mouth. We were both coming down the home
stretch together. I was determined to shoot my load right down Karen's throat,
but, at the last second, my conscience got the best of me and I changed my mind.
I gave her just a sample of my broth before I pulled my cock out and sprayed her
tits. Could it have been my jism against her nipples that triggered her orgasm?
Perhaps. All I can be sure of is that my daughter and I were cumming together.
ONE! I CAN'T STOP CUMMING!" The five-star cum-shot all over my daughter's
heaving tits was worthy of a porno star. I divided the ten spurts equally
between tits, and then used the dribbles to decorate her swollen nipples. I felt
a little queasy when Joan moved higher and lapped at the fresh semen. She is one
of those rare women who love everything about cum. I sometimes slip a rubber on
my cock before I cum in her pussy so I can empty the contents into her mouth. I
decided that I would have to teach the perversion to Karen, but first I had to
overcome my reluctance to shoot off in her mouth. Joan rolled onto her back and
clawed at her pussy. "Oh, Mommy, you poor dear," Karen said. "You need a good
fucking now but Daddy can't do it because I accidentally sucked him off, so I
will have to do the job for him." She literally ran to her room and came back
seconds later with a gigantic dildo in her hand. She strapped it to her belly so
deftly that I'm certain she had donned it many times before. As she pushed her
mother's knees apart and mounted her, she said, "You're going to love my big,
hard cock in your pussy, Mommy." Joan squealed as her daughter's thick cock
spread her vagina wider than it had been since childbirth. The notion of a young
woman, barely of legal age, fucking her beautiful mother with an artificial cock
is so indecent that describing it makes me blush. Mother and daughter were tit
to tit and belly to belly. Joan raised her hips to meet her daughter's downward
thrusts. Karen's still-wet tits slapping against her mother's face gave the
latter an opportunity to polish off the few pearls of jism still clinging to the
skin. My cock rose to the challenge faster than it ever had before, and I was
soon astride Joan's thighs taking aim on my daughter's pussy. With the dildo up
high on her pubic bone, the entrance to her cuntal canal was unobstructed. My
conscience held me back for a moment, then my lust took control and I lined my
cock up with the wet mouth of my daughter's pussy and speared it with one
perfect thrust. I nearly came on the first stroke but somehow managed to regain
control. The two sex-crazed beauties were wailing so loudly that my ears rang.
We moved awkwardly at first, but with a minute or two of practice we began to
move together like the precision gears in a Swiss watch. When Karen pulled her
cock out, I drove mine in. As I reached between their bodies and filled my hands
with my daughter's tits, her mother's hard nipples dug into the backs of my
hands. Our smooth fuck turned ragged when Karen started cumming. We were like an
engine running on half of its cylinders. I held tightly to my daughter's slender
waist and fucked her with all of my strength. I was determined to torment every
single nerve in her tight, slick pussy until I found the one crucial nerve that
would trigger her orgasm. I found it! My daughter wanted the whole world to know
that the fires of orgasm were raging out of control in her pussy. "OH, MY GOD,
came together. Determined to make it a three-way orgasm, I picked up speed until
I was delivering three strokes per second. My goal was to keep her orgasm going
and to get mine started. The Kegel contractions in the wall's of her pussy made
her so tight that it felt like I was being milked. I threw myself on top of the
writhing women, let out a bellow, and shot my load into my daughter's clenching
pussy. We untangled ourselves from our forbidden embrace and lay gasping for
air. I think we were all in a state of shock over what we had done. Nothing was
said for a long time. Then Karen whispered, "Did you like your present, Daddy?"
"Baby, it was the best present anyone has ever given me."


A Mother is a Boy's Best Friend | Incest story

by conrad_jet

She caught him. On the bed, naked,
his hand wrapped around his hard dick James was busted. Even though he was
nineteen and almost out the house he was still her son and she was still his
mother and though he'd jerked off many times before being caught was bad,
especially by his mother and he knew it. James knew it from the bulge in her
eyes as she came towards him, her slender limbs taking her across the distance
quickly. "Mom I..." he began to say but frowned. She wasn't listening. Her eyes
were on his dick, which he still held. James let go it stood easily, already
pumped with blood, hard and ready for stimulation. "Mom, are you ok? Let me get
some pants..." His mother's eyes rose to his and she smiled. "Why honey?" It was
James' turn to be surprised. "You're a BIG boy and you have stuff to get out
your system." James watched her as she bent and touched his dick, running her
hand up from his nuts to the head and back down before she wrapped her hands
around it and squeezed. James gasped and leaned forward slightly. Was she
playing? Was this her punishment to him? What was she doing? These were just
some of the questions running through his mind as she started stroking him with
her hand, sliding her it the full length of his shaft slowly. James closed his
eyes and leaned back. She stopped. He opened his eyes and looked down ready to
sit up when her mouth enveloped his dick and began the rhythmic motion that he'd
seen only one in a porno at a friend's, the movement that was part of giving
head. His mother was giving him a blowjob. Disbelief faded. Her teeth ran
against the shaft as she went down and faded as she came up to the head, trying
to stick her tongue inside the small opening of his shaft. The tingle brought a
moan to James' lips. His back arched slightly. He liked it. He wanted more. He
wanted the fire of her mouth over his shaft. He placed his hand on her head and
forced her deeper onto it. Obliging, she began pumping him with her hand and her
mouth, pulling on him as if she was sucking from a straw. She was going faster,
each time reaching the head she would wrap her tongue around the rim and pull
before going back down the shaft. "Yes," was the word that escaped James' lips
as she began to slide faster around his dick, her head bobbing rapidly in his
hands, and the desire to cum rising in him. The tingling in his dick was getting
to better of him, the feeling of the rush beginning overwhelmed him. He couldn't
stop it. She continued, going faster and faster, her hand around his dick,
holding it still as her lips moved around his shaft, filling her mouth. James
erupted inside her mouth gasping as his cum rushed out into her. He was weak but
not too weak to notice she was still sucking on him, still pulling the cum from
inside his dick, drinking it down as if it were nutrients. When she pulled off
his dick, he was clean, but his dick was wet with her saliva. He sat up, looking
her directly in the eyes. She licked her lips and said, "Don't tell your dad,
but next time call me, when you need to get stuff out your system."


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